Making Typoguide
Learnings, Facts & Figures

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Typoguide — A Timeline

These three graphs show the number of pageviews, books ordered
and new visitors since the launch of Typoguide on December 31st, 2013.

Want some more details?

Ok, let’s take a look at the total number of pageviews, visitors and book orders.


Total pageviews created by


unique visitors


New vs. returning visitors in percent


Books sold in 4 weeks


current pageviews per month

And then came the book

When the Typoguide website became popular, people started asking if I would make a book out of the content. So, I made a book. Making it was both challenging and fun. Here are a few figures on the book:

Thirty two pages printed in four colors offset on one sort of paper. Four hundred books had been pre-ordered and a total of fifteen hundred books were shipped in five hundred thirty seven packages to fourty three countries.

10 Things I learned making Typoguide

I’m glad so many people from all around the world found the website and the book helpful. Making Typoguide was a lot of fun, and it becoming that successful was a lucky accident. From website to book, I learned a lot along the way.

Physical goods
have magic
Make something
Do things that
matter to you
Do things that are
People are great
and helpful
Everyone loves
Shipping worldwide
is expensive
Packing 1,500 books
is exhausting
Don’t underestimate
a side project
Public mailboxes in Berlin are small

The big question — What’s next?

Drumroll please. Since Typoguide sold out, people have emailed and tweeted, asking if I would print more books. I’m happy to say, I’m currently getting ready to print the second edition of Typoguide. Can’t wait? You can pre-order it today!

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